Project Vegetable! update

This week in Project Vegetable! we (the royal we, of course, though my therapist is trying to convince me that no, I am not too selfish to be in a relationship, and yes, I will feel happier if there is someone special in my life. A “sweetie,” she calls the mythical man) did not experiment with any new vegetables, nor did we pore over a cookbook for a new recipe, but we did make something new, with a new ingredient.

Word to the wise: Safeway has started carrying cans of Fire Roasted Salsa in the canned tomato section. Something I haven’t figured out about this is that it is very difficult to find salsa that is certified kosher (spicy things being what some call “kosher sensitive”), but these cans of salsa ARE, while the remaining varieties of tomatoes of the same packaging style are not. But my point is that it is rather towards the hot end of the spectrum, where I prefer my salsa just to the mild side of medium. I have very delicate taste buds.

This week was spaghetti squash soup with this rather spicy salsa. A more full post will follow.

Also this week was the exciting addition of a second crock pot to the RebKnitz household. The first crock pot is designated for meat, and has been sitting on the counter unused for upwards of seven months because I don’t keep my kitchen clean enough to switch back and forth between meat and dairy regularly. Plus, kosher meat is kind of expensive. I will be making black bean soup for its inaugural use, and because I am planning to use again a can of salsa, there will be sour cream involved. Yum yum yummeroo.

And one final note, I believe the next vegetable to add to my repertoire will be the chayote. Thank you to the Yarn Harlot and her commenters for the cooking suggestions.


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