I'm such a baby

I need to vent. I vented on a different twitter feed earlier but it wasn’t sufficient.

My birthday is tomorrow. And even though I’m turning 35, which is by all objective standards an adult, I really want presents. And I know that’s silly, so I was going to settle for a present from my parents. But “a present” isn’t really what I wanted. I wanted my parents to put some thought into it, get me something, and bring it to me as a surprise when they come to visit on Sunday.

I told my mom that what I really wanted was a surprise. She countered with “but I don’t know what you’re interests are now, other than yarn.” (I had already taken yarn out of the running, as I haven’t started the project I planned with the yarn she got me for Chanukah–not as a surprise.)

I whined a bit about it at therapy, my therapist suggested that I come up with some general categories to suggest to my mom, and I did. I sent her an email with three categories of possibilities.

Last night my mom called.

“One of the ideas on your list looked appealing, so I did some research [Go Mom!] and want to check with you about…”

No, no, no!

I can appreciate if she is trying to make up for the great shampoo debacle of my 15th birthday, but I am fairly certain that I’m the only one in the family who remembers that. It’s not a grudge; it’s a great story! “My worst birthday present? My parents got me shampoo for my 15th birthday!”

So there went the surprise. Especially after the second phone call, “Is [address] okay?” Oy.

And then this morning was the email. From the day spa. With the gift certificate.

And that’s when I realized that I didn’t just want a surprise. I wanted wrapping paper. I wanted a box with wrapping paper that I had to open to find out what was inside. I wanted the anticipation. I didn’t think I needed to specify that those are parts of a surprise.



5 Comments on “I'm such a baby”

  1. Thorn says:

    Was the shampoo because she forgot your birthday? I got hangers the year (23?) my mom forgot mine. I didn’t get anything this year, but I haven’t asked whether that was deliberate or an oversight. I mean, they bought pizza for all the kids and I appreciate that, but it wasn’t exactly a gift to me. Dunno.

    • rebkatz says:

      The shampoo (and conditioner, to give my parents credit) was intended by them as a special thing, because it was fancy shampoo from Bath & Body Works. They bought the large size bottles, even. Too bad I hated the scent.

      And honestly, I don’t know why I’m so hung up on getting presents this year.

  2. Well, it won’t be on time, or perfect, but I am having a sew-in this weekend and it is all for you baby.

  3. Thirty-five is a big deal because it means you’re almost 40! I remember feeling that way about 25. It was a big deal, because I was almost 30 and still didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. Besides taller.

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