Productivity is really hampered…

…when you get hooked on a Facebook game that encourages playing every day, multiple times per day, as a part of how it is programmed.

I found one of them.

So the knitting and even the DVD watching (!) has been nearly non-existent, though on Sunday I went to a new friend’s house and knit while she worked on a quilt, and all was wonderful and I was completely motivated to go home and keep crafting.

Which I did, actually, until every project I worked on got thwarted by one problem or another. Then I went to the fabric store on Monday, where they had about 6 colors of Kona cotton, which is absolutely ridiculous, but I did find reasonable colors out of the (admittedly a few more than) 6 colors that they had. I needed twelve (!) yards, and it wasn’t on sale, but I had 2 distinct 40% off coupons, and using them on the two four-yard cuts would average to better than 20% off. But one of the colors had two pieces on the bolt, one 2 yards and the other less than 3, and the cutting person entered it as two separate cuts of 2 yards, so I didn’t get 40% off eight yards, only six.

Combine my annoyance with that with my annoyance about the lack of colors, and I’ll be returning the fabric. I ordered replacement fabric from on online seller that I’m not ready to promote, as I haven’t received my shipment yet and therefore can’t evaluate their service. But if you look online, I think their price for Kona is the best.

In the meantime, I made a baby blanket with two of the fabrics I bought on my Seattle vacation last summer. I’m incredibly proud of myself that the blanket actually ended up square. I made a wall-hanging from a canvas and scrapbook paper and a whole bunch of mod podge for a friend’s birthday. And in non-crafting news, managed to get both my personal AND work email inboxes to empty. You may bow to my awesomeness. (Not to me. Just to my awesomeness.)

Next week is Purim and I’ll be making movie-themed gift baskets for the commandment to give gifts of food on the holiday. Not quite sure when I’ll find the time to do so, but I’ve been trying to plan this for months, so it had better happen! (By the way, if you have suggestions of good movie snacks that have fruit or vegetable–I’ve got popcorn but it doesn’t count–or flour in them, please share!)


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