Seen on the road

Yesterday I drove to Baltimore for an unexpected visit to my grandmother, who was unexpectedly in the hospital, and even more unexpectedly, doing VERY poorly. (As of this morning, she was doing much better. Let’s all hope that my sister’s last-minute flight that she couldn’t afford for a chance to say goodbye turns out to have been unnecessary. I don’t think she’ll mind.) This meant that I was driving in the middle of the day on a GORGEOUS day.

My route from home to the Beltway takes me past two elementary schools. At the first, there were no children outside. At the second, it looked liked the half the school was outside playing. (I exaggerate.) I hope that the only difference is that the latter school has more students and therefore some eat lunch earlier. (It was in the neighborhood of 11:30.) Because really, yesterday was too nice I day to be stuck inside. (As I was.)

I had to stop for gas on my way. As I was pulling out of the gas station another car was pulling in. Only the engine had apparently died JUST there. In the turn-in to the gas station. How does that happen?

Once I got to Baltimore I saw a car with vanity plates that read PORSCHE. It was a Lexus.

Leaving the hospital to drive back home, there was a cyclist on the road. He was a super-speedy cyclist. And he had all the proper night-biking gear. I just wish there were some way that bicycles (and motorcycles) could have TWO front lights. I always have a hard time gauging how far away they are on account of only having one light. Am I just weird that way?



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