Is it me?

We all know that on Monday mornings, Metro is a lost cause. Everyone is going to work at the same time because they haven’t overslept (is it just me who seems to operate on a 24 and a half hour day between Monday and Friday?); everyone is cranky because, well, it’s Monday; train cars are sluggish out of the gate; and add in rain and the whole morning is a disaster.

Outcome: one irritated Nerd.

But Fridays?  It’s the end of the week, all is good, right?

Not today.

There was the cyclist who didn’t feel the need even to slow down at an intersection where he had a stop sign; I actually stood in the middle of his path (between the curb and a car waiting patiently at a red light) in bafflement as I tried to figure out what he was doing (hey, it was early and I hadn’t had caffeine yet) and he still didn’t slow down. Somehow he managed to pass me without collision, and he said sorry as he whipped by me.

like cyclists. I don’t expect cyclists to obey every traffic law to the letter and I don’t expect cyclists to yield to anything on the road that moves. But there is a social compact, and I do expect cyclists to do their best to adhere to it. (Especially when they look like they are regular cyclists.) And plowing through an intersection at top speed when there is a stop sign and a pedestrian crosswalk is not part of the social compact.

Minor, I know.

Then there’s the getting-on-the-escalator at Dupont which is just crowded. I don’t think there’s any way to engineer the flow of people to make it better. But I get rather irritated when people coming up out of the station turn left RightAtTheVeryTopOfTheEscalator, meaning they are crossing in front of the down escalator. And the guys handing out the Examiner and Express who take up a surprising amount of sidewalk space (kind of the way a four year old can take up three quarters of a full-size bed, leaving the grown up to take refuge on the sofa). There was a couple who seemed to have forgotten stand on the right, walk on the left, as they stood on the escalator gazing lovingly into each others eyes. That one didn’t bother me because I was standing on the right, not trying to walk on the left. But then they walked side-by-side, sloooowly, making it impossible to pass them, and also impossible to get to the other end of the train platform.

People. When the train is still coming into the station, there is no need to rush to the edge of the platform. You will have plenty of time after the train stops. Or hell, once it’s almost stopped. Some of us are still trying to get to the other end of the platform. I know it sounds like I’m telling you to take a chill pill when I’m the one who sounds tense, but I’ll let you in on a secret. The first car of the train? Never as crowded as the others. Often there are even seats! Plus, it’s the most convenient for when I want to stop at Dunkin Donuts for coffee sugar with cream and coffee.

And finally, this one I can’t stress enough. Do. Not. Stop. RightAtTheVeryTopOfTheEscalator (or TheVeryBottom). Don’t even slow down. Keep going or I will run into you, and it won’t be my fault.


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