One month down

Today is the last day of a Hebrew month, so it’s time to check in on my monthly self-improvement goals. The upshot? I kind of tanked this month. But that’s okay, because I can try again next month. Summary:

Soda/coffee: 14 definitely, possibly 16. (I forgot to log a few days, and then couldn’t remember what I’d drunk.) Either way, I came in under the 18 max goal I’d set. Given that I drank soda or iced coffee every day for at least the last eight days of the month, this surprises me. I feel like I must have counted wrong.

Walking to work: It looks like I only walked to work four times (well, three times TO work and one time FROM work). I’ll have to do a better job of this, since my goal is six times.

Praying: only 10 days; again the goal is 18.


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