Resident of the day application, aka “Props to…”

A few of my friends have been named Resident of the Day by the folks tweeting for DDOT. (@DDOTDC)

I wanna be RotD, too!

And I’m not going to limit it to DDOT. I want every agency to love me, and to do that, I’m going to share my love for them publicly.

Of course, I’m going to start with DDOT. I have many compliments for DDOT, but I have to spread them out so that I don’t run out.

A while ago (a few months, maybe?) a construction company was doing work on an intersection near my apartment. During rush hour. Now, I go to work by a combination of foot and Metro, so the blocking of the traffic was only a minor inconvenience to me, other than that occasionally I have an abundance of empathy and therefore felt bad for the drivers, but the minor inconvenience involved honking and blocked crosswalks, so that and the aforementioned empathy led me to follow up with DDOT.

By twitter, yay!

My approach to getting city services when I don’t know who is responsible (street lights? fill out a service request form and it’ll get handled. though I used to have the phone number for the traffic control center (?)) is to suggest an agency and ask. “Hey DDOT, are these your contractors? Are they allowed to work during rush hour?”

Yep, and nope. DDOT sent an inspector out that day, gave the contractor a warning, and no more work in the intersection during rush hour! Thanks, DDOT!

P.S. Last week, someone else complained to DDOT about work being done during rush hour at an intersection that I swear to you doesn’t exist, but if it did would be about two blocks from the one I complained about. Same contractor? I don’t know, but DDOT responded in exactly the same timely manner. (Seriously, I even checked Google maps to verify and the intersection doesn’t exist.)



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