Ah, knitting

It has been so nice to pick up my knitting again. Those facebook games are addictive, but I don’t know how they kept me from knitting for all that time.

Last Monday was a holiday in DC, and as a DC employee, I had the day off. (Yay!) I get more done in the two days (Sunday and Monday) of a three-day weekend than I do in two months. After I’d located the floor of my bedroom, de-Passover-ed my kitchen, moved ALL of my craft things to my craft room, grocery shopped, cooked, and I don’t remember what else, I took myself, my number 9s, a ball of yarn, and a pattern to get some over-priced, fancy coffee.

One of my co-workers is having a baby. And one of my friends sent me three balls of a really soft, organic cotton yarn for my birthday. (It turns out the yarn is handwash only, but I’m using it anyway.) So I took a basic dishcloth pattern, sized it up, and got started on a blanket. I got about halfway through the first ball of yarn, realized I wasn’t anywhere near 1/6 of the way through the pattern, and ripped. Found another pattern, got started, hated it, and ripped.

The universe was clearly telling me that I needed to make that very basic, knit from corner to corner diagonally blanket. My co-worker’s shower was last Wednesday, but with only two days of knitting and two false starts, the blanket wasn’t even ready for a photo IOU.

And it still isn’t. Because I guessed wrong where the middle of the second ball of yarn was, and knit a row or three too many before starting the decreases. I need to go to the bix bog craft store to buy another ball of the yarn (already the dye lots didn’t match, so no concern there)…yarn that I ordinarily wouldn’t have bought for myself. (Though a really sweet present, especially in concert with the rest of what my friend gave me.)

In the meantime, I’ve started String Theory, inspired by Michele, and have an idea for a quilt for a friend getting married this summer.

Does anyone have a three-day weekend to share?


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