A diversion and a factlet

Yesterday it was gorgeous outside. Sunny, a pleasant temperature, all the good things. After erranding in Virginia (sorry, DC economy, but when one has eight errands and seven of them are at a single traffic light and the eighth is on the road leading to that traffic light, the erranding is done…at that traffic light*) I set about being responsible at home, but I just couldn’t do it. Outside I went, with my knitting.

One of the amazing things about my apartment building is our resident ducks. Every spring they come back, one male and one female, and spend the summer living by the little water feature by our front door. So as I knit, I had company. (I don’t think they appreciated my presence as much as I appreciated theirs; Mrs. Duck nipped my toe!)

Which is when I discovered a factlet: unlike people, whose eyelids close from the top down, duck eyelids close from the bottom up.


*Obviously I don’t mean that the errands are literally AT the traffic light. I mean that five of them are in one of the shopping centers at the traffic light, one is in the shopping center across the street, and the last actually requires one more traffic light to get to.



2 Comments on “A diversion and a factlet”

  1. Duck bitten says:

    Stories about ducks biting people always amuse me ever since I was bitten by a duck at age 2 or 3 and my uncles wanted the duck to bite me again so they could get a picture. I don’t remember this, and I don’t have a picture as evidence.

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