Another drive-by post. I finished two projects yesterday, no pictures because, well, picking the camera up off the end table would require turning around from the way I sit on the sofa. (Yes, I’m lazy.) One project was a baby blanket for a co-worker, the other a String Theory cowl which I made using yarn from my very first LYS purchase (which was my third LYS visit–one at home, one in Key West, and this one in Charleston, SC).

Then I picked up the socks I set aside some months ago.

Today it occurred to me that it might be fun next year to do a “year of knitting ___” kind of thing. But I have so many things I want to knit already, that I think I need to supercharge my knitting so I can get all of them done in advance of next year.


Not going to happen. So I’ll just keep plugging away at my effort of decluttering/organizing-by-using. I’ll see you when my craft room is clean…in 2054.



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