Littering: What would you do

Earlier this evening I was waiting for the bus when I witnessed a case of littering. Instead of doing anything about it, I of course immediately tweeted asking what other people would do. I got a request to see other people’s responses, so I figured I would share them here.

First, a little bit more background on the littering I witnessed. It was basically a case of garbage basketball, but the guy missed the basket. The garbage landed in the street. The not-very-good garbage basketball player was not near enough to me for me to say anything in my usual tone of voice; I would have had to either move closer to him or speak loudly to have gotten his attention. Just as I was going to pick up the garbage myself, he got up and walked towards it. I thought he might pick it up, but instead he walked right past it and crossed the street. I then went to pick up the trash myself but after seeing it decided it was too gross for my delicate (ha!) fingers.

Now, people’s responses:

  • Call the sheriff. (This from a friend who lives in The Boonies, northern midwest.)
  • Glare at them.
  • Say “excuse me, you dropped something.”
  • “20 years ago I’d make ’em pick it up. 10 ago I’d ask ’em to & get it myself if they didn’t. Now, I clean it up.”

I’m a big fan of the glare, but of course that doesn’t achieve anything. What would YOU do?



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