Checking in

Hi faithful readers,

I’m still here! I haven’t been posting on account of being So Busy–for a while I was doing two jobs at once with a coworker on maternity leave, then I was doing two jobs at once while going to school two nights a week, then I was doing two jobs at once while going to school two nights a week and observing the Jewish holidays.

I barely picked up my knitting, and let’s not even talk about the disastrous state of my kitchen.

But the holidays are over, and I start a new job tomorrow, one where I will presumably be doing only my own job. (My poor former boss is now going to be doing three jobs at once–his, mine, and my coworker’s–until he is able to hire replacements for us. I cannot even begin to express how bad I feel that he is being left in the lurch like this, but it isn’t my fault, exactly, and I’m excited for my new job.

Still in school, of course, as it’s just my first semester. But life should hopefully be manageable with just work and school, and I’m looking forward to picking up my knitting.

My new job is walking distance from home, so while the weather is nice I should get a good deal of knitting-while-walking done.

And just a quick note on blog appearance (though I imagine that any of you who are reading this are doing so through a blog reader): with this blog, my local nerdy blog, and now a blog for school, I wanted to develop some sort of “signature” to tie them all together. You know of course that my favorite color is purple, so I’ve chosen a single shade of purple and a single shade of gray (#dcdcdc, because I truly am a dork) and am working on those being the colors I use across my online presence.

I’ll be back in this space when I have something worth sharing!


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