Let's see…

With school on top of a heavier workload, not only have I not been blogging, but I haven’t been crafting. Or reading all of your great blogs. Just call me massively out of the loop.

Last year I set a few goals; there was the 36 by 36 stuff, project vegetable, and operation just because. NONE of those have turned out as hoped. And you know what? It’s okay.

I’m hoping to still do something momentous to mark my birthday (which is now is just over two months), on account of 36 being an auspicious number in Judaism and on account of my 18th birthday being rather a disaster. To have that day be exactly halfway past in my life is an important milestone for me. But I haven’t figured out yet quite what I want to do. I want it to be casual but nice, have some external benefit (as in, money to charity? something else?), and be affordable. I would totally do a happy hour at a bar if only I could eat the food! More brainstorming is in my future, I can tell.

In the meantime, I have some projects on the needles that I am desperate to finish, if only so I can move on to new things without feeling totally overwhelmed. I have a month off from school and am hoping to finish the sweater and sock I have in progress, knit a coffee sleeve, and… And what? I always have too many ideas for my own good!

I’ve been learning a bit of html (well, I knew a bit of html, back in the late ’90s) and css as part of one of my classes, and am working, in my mind, if not on the computer, on combining all of my online presences into one. We’ll see how long THAT takes!

Until I make it back to this space, I wish you all wonderful holidays. Feel free to send me your cookies.


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