Broader focus

With the start of the new year, everyone is making all sorts of crazy resolutions (I’m going to blog EVERY DAY! I’m going to lose 47 pounds! I’m going to read a Russian novel a week!), and while one of mine is to STOP STARTING EVERYTHING I SAY WITH A DISCLAIMER, I did think it was necessary to share a quick explanatory post about a change I’m going to be making in this space.

When I started this blog, my job did not take my full attention and brain power, and I came across all sorts of interesting–depending on who you ask!–tidbits in the course of my work. Now that I have my great new job, I actually need to focus while I’m at work. Shocking, right? Plus, there’s that whole issue of attorney-client privilege. If I start posting about laws regarding livestock, you might think that I’ve been asked to review a bill to allow goats in studio apartments.

I’ve also had a blog for recounting my various crafting endeavors, figuring that my “audiences” have distinct interests and shouldn’t be subjected to my ramblings on topics they aren’t interested in.

But then I started library school, and with library school came the requirement to write blog posts for one of my classes, and with a third blog my brain sort of exploded. I read an article about personal branding and thought that maybe three online identities is two too many.

Consequently, I’m beginning the effort to merge the three blogs into this one space, with the additional benefit (to me, at least!) of having a space in which I can blog about issues that don’t fit neatly into any of the individual pockets I’d created. I hope that the broader focus of this space will also bring benefit to you.

Happy new year and happy reading!


P.S. If you view this in wordpress rather than in an RSS reader, you’ll likely also start to see some layout changes. Don’t worry, I won’t blog to announce changes like those.)


One Comment on “Broader focus”

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