Ah, rain

The Capital Weather Gang gave today a 2/10 ranking. It has been gray and damp all week (is it really only Wednesday?) and this morning I seriously overslept. (Note to any future potential employers who see this: I work hard and I get the job done on time. I just might not get to the office on time if it requires waking up before 8 am.) My feet are also incredibly angry with me after a failed experiment with what ought to have been comfortable shoes. So when I walked out of my apartment building and lo and behold there was a bus? I hopped on.

Now, I could have waited one more minute and taken the bus that would have delivered me almost to the door of my office building, but my goal was to save time, so on the bus to the Metro I got.

I usually walk to work, so I had forgotten this very important fact about the Metro: if it’s raining, the red line breaks.*

I waited for a train for 15 minutes. (The PID said 6 when I first got to the station.) At 15 minutes, an out of service train pulled into the station. It had been offloaded at the station before. I did a quick calculation and realized that at that point it would take at least 5 trains until there was room to get on. I left the station and walked to work. I got to work a full hour after I left my home. Next time I look at a gray sky and get lazy, remind me of this morning, ‘kay? Thanks.


* Additionally: if it is cold, the red line breaks. If it is hot, the red line breaks. If it is foggy, the red line breaks. The red line might work on perfect fall and spring days, but I wouldn’t know because why would anyone want to take the metro on a perfect fall or spring day?


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