A subject that I haven’t discussed in this space but that is of interest to me is foster care. Another is my perpetual singlehood. This post is inspired by two posts on facebook yesterday, one on each of these subjects.

The first was a link to a horrifically bad adoption photolisting. Photolistings are the “advertisements” for kids who are typically hard to find adoptive families for: older kids, sibling groups, kids with disabilities or “behaviors.” The photolisting was for four siblings. There were bios for only three of them. But never fear, none of the three have distinguishing or misshapen birthmarks! (Seriously? What the hell type of information is that?) One of the kids was described as being (paraphrasing here) happy, outgoing, energetic, sad, and shy. DID YOU READ WHAT YOU WROTE? In response to the link, some people wrote photolisting-type bios for themselves.

The second post was me putting out there for the world a request to be set up.

And so I present to you: me, photolisting style.

“DC.Nerd is 36 years old and enjoys telling people that means she’s ‘square.’ She is capable of doing household chores independently but requires frequent redirection to remain on task. She is friendly, shy, compliant, and tries hard to please. She has good dental hygiene. Her pet fish is an important companion. Her favorite foods are hamburgers (and fries), ice cream, and strawberries, but she keeps kosher so will not eat ice cream after a hamburger. DC.Nerd survived law school and has a good job, but she also likes school and is in getting a masters degree in library and information science. DC.Nerd loves her nephew who lives in Florida.”


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