Sometime around late February last year, I saw a tweet that referred to “HLS.” You all know that I went to Harvard Law School, right? I mean, I don’t tend to boast about it, but I did, and I’m sure it’s opened doors to me, and so when I see the abbreviation HLS it catches my eye.

It turned out that HLS also stands for Hack Library School. There was a “Hack Library School Day in the Life” project the first week of March; you might recall that I participated? (You’d be forgiven for not recalling; I had forgotten myself!)

I’ve followed HLS fairly consistently since then, not that I’ve gotten any more used to it referring to something other than Harvard Law.

Starting today, I am devoting a substantial amount of mental energy to making my brain see “Hack Library School” when I see “HLS.” This is my obligation now as a 2013-2014 writer.

Dear resume: I shall be updating you. Get yourself ready.


2 Comments on “HLS”

  1. Lesley says:

    Yay! Looking forward to being part of the HLS writing crew with you!

  2. Welcome Rebecca! Can’t wait to read your posts; I’m sure they’ll be great!

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