Hack Library School Day in the Life, Day 5

Candy Crush Saga status: I’m on level 50.

School status: I remembered yesterday that with spring break being over, I have to read for my classes next week. This is why I’ve never liked spring break; it feels like there is so much time to catch up and then the end comes and you’re further behind than you would be if you’d just had class all week.

Paper status: Yes, I distinguished between school and paper-writing, though the immediate paper is for school. Current paper is going okay; I’m pretty confident (I just typed “condiment” instead) that when I go on Sunday to my usual coffee-carbs-and-coursework location, I’ll be able to focus and push through. I’m less confident about being able to use APA style to cite to my sources. (Not a problem citing my sources. It’s just that the Bluebook would be a better style for the particular sources I’m using.) This one is due on Thursday, along with a pie.

Paper 2 status: I’ve got another paper to write that exactly mimics the first one in style/direction, except focused on different course goals. I haven’t been following the Dale Askey/Edwin Mellen Press drama but have been looking for a way to justify the reading. This paper will be it. I did some very very very preliminary searching last night and discovered that there is a book written about another EMP libel suit. There are three copies in DC but none anywhere that I have regular reason to be, and it isn’t available through our consortium. Not sure why. But it’s okay! My office has a new intern who just started today, and lo and behold, he goes to school with one of the copies of the book! I’ve given him the call number and other pertinent information, and he is going to get it for me when he is next on campus. (Sadly for me, he is on spring break NEXT week, so it will be a while until I get it.)

Paper 3 status: Research paper due at the end of the semester. The proposal is due on Tuesday, but I sent it two weeks ago with the express purpose of then working on the paper during spring break. Hasn’t happened. The plan here is to write about Library of Congress Subject Headings and their evolution with advances in social consciousness.

Paper 4 status: Another research paper due at the end of the semester. This one I’ve done serious research for already (sorry, trees) but not so much writing. This one is about FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and the problem with the use of the word “information” in its name. My thesis is that FOIA isn’t about information at all. This paper has to be good because I want it to be publishable.

Paper 5: not for school! Another thing I want to write and have published about electronic publishing of legal materials. That’s what the immediate paper is on, as well, but that one is focused on the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act, and what I want to write for paper 5 will have a very different focus. That’s all I’m saying because I don’t want any of you to steal my idea! This one won’t happen until the summer, but hopefully it WILL happen during the summer.

The scary thing is that there is also a paper 6 in my head (and on my to-do list), as well as a tutorial series (which has been in dry erase pen on my bathroom mirror for the last three months). Not sure where I think I’ll be finding time for all of these!

Finally, my last reflections on this last day of HLSDITL. For the moment, I’ve changed my mind about working in an academic law library. Again I’m being close-mouthed about the actual vision I have, but I’ve swung back to my local government love in my thinking. Good thing I have time to change my mind again!


Hack Library School Day in the Life, Day 3. aka Oops.

Snow day, snow day! But without any actual snow. There was a fair amount of griping from parents stuck at home with bored kids and no snow, but in my mind, this was the best type of snow day. A whole day off from work but the commute tomorrow will be no worse than the commute yesterday.

Meanwhile, my big plan to take advantage of the snow day to bang out this paper was a huge fail. All because of Candy Crush Saga on Facebook. I had been doing VERY VERY WELL at not playing these stupid computer games but slipped the other day and now have an intense need to clear all the jellies from level 37. (Yes, this means that I’ve completed levels 1-36 in the few days since I started playing.) Also I took a nap and watched quite a bit of West Wing; it turns out that neither of those activities are conducive to getting lots done.

Tonight is #libchat on twitter. I generally learn a lot from other students and especially from folks who are already out in the world of librarian-ing, but I think I’ll skip it tonight. After all, despite my struggle to be productive, I did just write almost a single-spaced page this hour. Maybe I can keep it up?


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Hack Library School Day in the Life, Day 2

First Tuesday of the month means DC Council legislative meeting, also known as try-not-to-say-something-on-twitter-that-gets-me-fired day. This of course has nothing to do with library school, but it is very related to a day in my life.

Also in my day today, the last bits of inauguration are gone from in front of the White House. Hopefully this means that my walk to work in the morning will only be interrupted by foreign leaders staying in the Blair House, instead of the occasional construction blocking the whole of Pennsylvania Avenue.

And cookies. The impulse-buy cookie section of Trader Joe’s was completely picked over. Thank goodness, people don’t seem to like the oatmeal cookies as much as the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, though I don’t know why because they are AH-mazing, so I was able to satisfy my immediate hunger without breaking into the vegetables.

Hoping for a snow day tomorrow. Is there anything better than getting to stay in your jammies all day? Plus, of course, there’s the paper I whined about yesterday.

I think I have a plan for it, though, so off I go!


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Hack Library School Day in the Life, Day 1*

Spring break, yay!

Oh wait, spring break barely registers when one works full time. But–spring break, more time to work on papers, yay!

On tap today is a paper about the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act. The paper has been causing me to pull my hair out for no reason other than my own flakiness. The assignment is to write (five to seven pages) about a current trend in librarianship relating either to diversity in the profession or to the role of librarians/libraries/archives/etc. in society. I chose UELMA as my topic because with the start of legislative sessions, the UELMA has been introduced in a number of states (NINE! if I counted correctly) and thus has been in the news. And did you know that the initial call for a uniform act on the subject came from librarians? It did. So I’m asserting that “lawyers” is a fair subset of “society” and marching forth (get it? March 4th? I slay myself) with the topic.

The trick is going to be the actual writing. My other papers I have been able to visualize a structure in my head. This one is escaping me, I think because I’ve been trying to start with the description of the trend rather than a description of the history to this point. Tonight I’ll be exploring if a new structure will cause the words to flow rapidly from my brain through my fingers.

If it doesn’t, you’ll be reading more mopeyness on this topic later in the week.

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*By calling this “day 1” you should not assume that I will post every day this week. You also should not assume that I will NOT post every day this week.