The word of the year* is accountability. Primarily I intend this as accountability to myself. Less Candy Crush, more washing dishes. Less lazy, more action. Less procrastination, more goal setting on large projects. Less making to-do lists that I proceed to ignore, more making to-do lists that I don’t ignore.

Call it “I spent all that money on therapy; maybe I should have something to show for it?”

What I won’t do is subject you, my friends, to too much navel-gazing. No weekly accountability check-ins (that I’d probably forget to post, anyway), but hopefully some reflections on what it is to recognize victories and to overcome set backs.

Three weeks in to the year, reflection number 1:

My very first intention of the year was to commit to going to shul (synagogue) every Shabbat morning. The very first Shabbat was the day after Rosh Hashanah…and I slept through shul. I was disappointed in myself, but have turned it around. Of course I wasn’t going to miss services on Yom Kippur, I was awakened by three rambunctious children the following Shabbat staying at friends’ in the suburbs, and I committed to leading part of the service yesterday. Concrete commitments equal a greater likelihood of following through, even on those things that are important to me on their own. (Obvious? Maybe. But it helps to recognize it on my own!)

And reflection number 2:

I really need to get back to using a GTD tool. I hope I remember my password for IQTell!


*5774, the Jewish year that began on Rosh Hashanah, the evening of September 4.


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