Props to: DPW

In this week’s installment of “Props to…,” we have the Department of Public Works.

I was walking to synagogue some number of weeks ago when I spotted what looked (from a distance) like a pile of ice-melt-salt. It hadn’t snowed. Nor was it supposed to snow. So I was a little confused.

I got closer and it turned out to be some sort of incredibly amateur graffiti. That is, someone took paint and a paintbrush (not even spray paint!) and painted a big mess of nothing on the brick sidewalk.

Unlike with the DDOT contractors, who could have been DC Water contractors, I know that graffiti removal is done by DPW. This of course was highly relevant when I was working in the education world in the DC government, and I’m not being sarcastic.

So I was able to tweet directly to DPW (not on Shabbat, of course) about the graffiti, and while the follow up communication wasn’t as top-notch as that from DDOT, the follow up action was speedy and perfect.

Now if only I’d mentioned the footprints left by someone who walked through the paint before it was dry…


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